Welcome to Crystal Clarity

Come and seek enlightenment with a few of your friendly neighborhood deities!
Each deity has been assigned a numerical value, much in the same manner as each person on earth has an intrinsic value.
Click a god to see their worth reflected in the current number. There will be math involved here, my children; but only because we know you are sufficiently strong to endure this plight.
Aim to achieve an ever-higher score, up to and including the target number given you.
But beware! You must reach the target number to win, but you may not go higher, or (not unlike a prophet who feels himself more spiritual than his acts reflect) ye shall be cast down into the pits of... well, losing a round.
Not the worst fate, admittedly, but it isn't great, either.
Each round the gods, fickle beings that they are, shall have a new value. And much like the "meaning of life" varies from person to person, you shall have a new target number as well.

GO FORTH! And math well, my children. Math well.

Target Number:

Current Number:

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